martedì 6 marzo 2018

Space works in progress

Admirals, Pilots, Spaceport Ship's Boys on Earth:
After long spacetime travels, with a crew of humans as brave and smart as you , dedicated to the noble art of orbital navigation. After surviving several hard, very hard battles and risking many times that the KOLON project wrecked. After almost two terrestrial years full of fun evenings in company and unforgettable moments of great victories and endless joy.
We are still here.
And soon we will be back on Kickstarter!
This might seem obvious, but we can assure it's not.
This blog, for instance, could never have survived so far without the passion of, in particular, SigirW56 (Riccardo Scalone), Dam the monk (Damiano Tatulli), the Drugo (Daniele Ridolfo) and Karmelo (Carmelo Tidona).
The whole KOLON boardgame  could never have survived so far without the passion of this dozen of humans we call Crew, and of all those who more sporadically approach it.  Everyone had fun at our tables, everyone always left them enthusiast for the game.
"nothing to envy to more mature games"

It is true that KOLON is only a prototype of a boardgame, and it could not hope for a more joyous welcome from humans, but our energies aren't endless and we cannot take care of the campaign and this blog at the same time. It was our passion, as well as yours, dear reader, to bring you here (not mentioning all the technology needed to develop the internet, your clothes and so on..). Now that KOLON is about to celebrate its 10th year of existence, at conceptual level, on this planet, we have to suspend publications on this blog (which has been online for almost two years).
We need to retire for an indefinite time into our space shipyard near Uranus and work to the incoming Kickstarter campaign.

We strongly hope that our next post will be the countdown to the start of our second Kickstarter campaign. We are a real Kickstarter, we always finance ourselves (the way we self-financed our prototypes). We do everything on our own, so if you want to help us before the campaign, you may donate here, or share us with your friends when the campaign starts. We will need your help, Pilots!
P.S.: Interrupting a contact of the second kind we will not hide the fact that we risk losing communication for good. In casa that should happen: So long and thank for all the fish!
Sigir w56

°°°...\\\   (K)    ///...°°°

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