martedì 20 febbraio 2018

We need You

As of today (24 Octember '42, kasvagorian date) Terrestrials have discovered and confirmed exactly 3.700 planets outside their system. (here the list). Most of them thanks to their Kepler telescope that, framing a little portion of the sky for a long time, found about 3.000 confirmed planets just in an area between Cygnus and the Lyra as large as the nail of your thumb at the end of your extended arm.
(or the aburd of your unrolled matrol)
There are things humans know and should know. There are also many more things they should know, but don’t know. Some of the things they know, they should not know at all.
Finally, there are things humans do not know and that they’d better keep not knowing.
If we did not get in touch more often lately, there are serious reason you do not actually need to know.
Recent diplomatic developments on the Norma-external front of the of the Scutum-Centaurus Arm will presumably not have good consequences for the primitive people of Orion’s Arm, like you. These are things you should know, but do not. In particular, the Kasvagorian, Human and Buntu species, unless they get a move “removing their pants from the fire”, as Waart Trappists used to say, risk seeing their systems literally "bulldozed", as they say on Earth.
On our side, as Galactic Council, we are doing our best to bring to your planet some instruments, first of all KOLON, that can help you go past the evolutionary “cul-de-sac” you might have got stuck into.
If you did not hear from us much lately, it is because we are preparing to come back with style to your systems and is not easy. The Galactic Council has cut several times the funds to the Friendship program, due to that awful mess in the Scutum-Centaurus and other things we are not going to mention..., It might be our last attempt :-/
 I will not speak about the hardship for this handful of Terrestrials in our crew, but you can imagine: (patched-up spaceships, shipwrecks, asteroids, cold pizza and warm beer. We went through a lot.)
Help us with a fb Like and start tw following, share our contents and invite vk friends. We are gathering energy to fund our return to your system (propeller fuels is expensive, if you want to give us some you can do it Here (, we will invite you to come straight to the command deck).
Soon, very soon, we will be back to your native system.
Help us prepare the ground, Kolonist!
“The time of crop circles is over .”
Sigir W56
-""\\_-° ','°-_//""-

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