venerdì 22 dicembre 2017

Have a good solstice day humans!

Every species of the galaxy has its own customs, beliefs, and myths.
The most primitive species has always celebrated the passage to the periapsis of their home planet in different ways. Following traditions sometimes really absurd. Just think of the gastropods of Vergon 6 that engage the largest (as useless) mass migration of a sentient species known in this galaxy during this recurrence: They travel an exact turn around their planet only to return to the point of departure.
Or rather unfortunate destinies dictated by evolution as happened to the Jornionians of Sutrano-f that, poor things, can wake up from hibernation one night (the only one on their home planet) every fourteen terrestrial years and do EVERYTHING on their periapsis night (for you would be the solstice day) .. Awake Jornionians are certainly stressed and difficult to date people.
You are not as much unlucky, dear humans, your traditions are not so strange (you are very unlucky from other points of view, for example you can not taste sounds like the Jornionians do, or the fact that you are going quickly towards self-extinction, but this is also your fault).

So: Have a good solstice day humans!, a good passage to perihelion, a merry Christmas and happy new year, ..or whatever you want to call it.
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