mercoledì 12 aprile 2017

Happy birthday Kolon on Earth!!!

Happy birthday Kolon on Earth!!! Like master Shaw would say, “Just another Orbit!”, but it's important, because one orbit after the landing we are still here thanks to you! The Human community of Koloners is growing, and an increasing number of humans have contacts of the third kind with the most amazing and entertaining game this side of Lainakea! All this is only possible thanks to you!
To celebrate with you, our dear Galactic friends, we decided to divulge on Earth the beginning of our educational program on Orbital Navigation. Today we start publishing the video tutorials you will need to move your first Orbital steps.
Kalima will lead you in the general introduction to the game. She is our skilled teacher for new Pilots. Later on, other specialists will help you face more advanced and complex stages of the game... but let's do one thing at a time. Most of you still cannot keep the alignment of a Sojuz, this is why today we introduce to you Kalima: 
For sure Kalima's teachings will be precious to those humans who want to finally take off from their little, peripheral planet, but there is nothing better than good old academical study to learn how to build solid and mighty ships. Straight from the Orbital Academy of Betelgeuse, here's for you the technical sheet of the Dragonfly, a smart vehicle from which you could take inspiration for your in-game creations... provided you are strong enough Admirals to maneuver such a ship!
Thanks a lot also to all humans who wanted to challenge orbital space during our last contact of the third kind on Earth, in Rome (Italy), in particular Silverclem, her brother (the one from Rigel), and most of all Admiral Karmelo and the Paradroid. All of them remarkable humans, deserving non-extinction.
Finally, an appeal: Humans, Koloners, wherever you are, don't give up, keep following us, supporting us, sharing the contents we are bringing to Earth for you, and make yourself heard on our social pages. This marvelous game is spreading on this planet only thanks to your Friendship and soon, very soon, it will be in your hands*. Dozens of Koloners are already about to receive their First Earth Edition Kopy, and we keep working like crazy for your Kopy to reach you soon! There are great news ahead. Thanks for all your support.

Kommodore ReK, Almaaz II

* you have hands, right?

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