venerdì 30 settembre 2016

Do not joke with gravity.

 Tardonians, an ancient civilization who became extinct after experimenting on black holes, used to say, “gravity is unforgiving”, and in Orbit gravity is queen. This is the subject of this story, a story like many others, a tragedy that happens far too often in this kosmos: Abandoning pilots in open space!. 
Since when Kolon arrived on the planet, this sad tragedy already happened several times in the Earth Orbit. This is why the Intergalactic League for the Protection of Pilots Abandoned in Space (I.L.P.P.A.S.) decided to befriend you Terrans.
About the 99.999% of our clients gets disintegrated in the atmosphere of some remote planet, or frozen like a vacuum-sealed stockfish, but you can make a difference! Help us help the 0,001% survivors of deep space, subscribe the friendship program with a Like on our Facebook page or Twitter: @kolongame , and share it with your human friends!

Ensign Sigir,


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