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The longest game
Kolon is a largely widespread game on this side of Laniakea. In this galaxy of yours, the tournaments on Betelgeuse and the qualifications on Zeta Reticuli are especially renowned. Still, one of the weirdest and most famous games in the Milky Way started in 407.9 on Hiknar 4, the well-known giant dwarf planet in the Hak system (you humans would call it Hbr.681.D).
In spite of being small, poor and peripheral, almost entirely ignored by trade routes, the Hak System is right in the middle between the space territories of two civilization who had been at war for many Galactic Years, the Ish-na-mèh Empire and the theocratic monarchy of Brok.
The Galactic Council for the Resolution of Conflicts tried many times to end the controversy with several regulations, but with poor results. The extremely hierarchic nature of the two civilization made of them two perfect enemies, embodied by the highest leaders of the two races, Emperor Sharta and Patriarch Krob. Traditionally for both races, the highest leader had to be on the front line during fights, as such, from the beginning of the war, an average of three emperors and patriarchs had succeeded on the thrones of the two powers every Devovlian year (a Devlovian year = about a week on Earth).
So, in 407.9, the Galactic Council for the Resolution of Conflicts made a last attempt to pacify the two small superpowers by bringing Kolon to their relevant homeworlds. At first many members were skeptical, they though that causing the extinction of one of the civilization at random and let things be was easier, but the Council preferred doing the other way.
Thus the game between Emperor Sharta and Patriarch Krob was planned on Hiknar 4. Being this a game for the resolution of an interstellar conflict, there were no time limits and fairly open victory conditions; the victory would be assigned either for the complete elimination of the opponent or the complete possession of Mineral Koins (32 Koins).
The two high leaders had trained for long Devlovian years as Great Admirals in their respective worlds.
Sharta, shining in his black velvet shorts adorned with precious gems, and Krob, swaying in his ocular salted miniskirt, sat in the Orbit at the same time (so as not to offend any of the two superpowers) in the utmost silence of the colossal room, cloaked in shadows to the horizon.
On each side, behind each leader, their relevant peoples where lined up, starting with the highest rank, then the government, the priest, the armies with their generals, and finally the commoners of each faction.
Everyone was expecting a clash of titans, and surely a long and engaging game of Kolon, yet someone started betting that it would not last long at all..
Both BroK’s and Ish-na-mèh’s systems are mostly made up of giant dwarf planets, and there is a way of saying both peoples use in their own version. Ish-na-mèhs use to say, "To make a little thing it takes making a big thing", while Brok theosophists say, "To make a big thing it takes making a little thing."
Whichever the point of view, Hiknar 4 affair is listed by the Galactic Council for the Resolution of Conflicts as one of the best successes in the reconciliation of conflicts by means of the psychosocial recreational tool "Kolon" applied to the development of primitive races of the galaxy to make them friends.

From 4 million Earth years (you were not there yet) the Galactic Lottery of Hiknar 4 has been deemed the one with the highest prize money on this side of Laniakea (it has been assessed as 42 x 10 raised to 120 Energy!). The two leaders have been playing on that planet for four million and a half years, and Emperor Sharta and Patriarch Krob are still in office, their artificially-extended lives goes on inside two computers. By now the war lost any sense for their respective races, who in the meantime have mingled and merged together in peace, becoming what is currently known as the Great Happy People of the Ish-naBrok Bookmakers.
Even though they are Happy, they are still fraudulent bookmakers, so I do not advise getting in trade with them.

P.S.: Technically, Hiknar 4 Lottery is still open and you could place your bet. Even though the territorial limits depending on the ancient conflict between Ish-na-mèh and Brok are no longer considered valid (the option "complete extinction of the Great Happy People of the Ish-naBrok Bookmakers in case of victory” is being discussed by the Galactic Council for the Resolution of Conflicts), you could still find yourself owning 42 x 10 raised to 120 Energy! And since this sum is actually higher than the whole content of this universe, you would be in fact the sole proprietor of this Universe more a fraction of the next one!
(N.B. in this regard, the Galactic Council ruled that the Lottery is valid anyway and the prize could be awarded in the next quarter of a million of Earth years. It seems that Patriarch Brok recently started mortaring, it might be a good time to buy a ticket of Hiknar 4 Lottery! be quick!

Barold the beech, Caspertiens Monastery of Madla-11, 8052 Madla

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