mercoledì 8 giugno 2016

Solar Sys pvt Komm. Sens. #0.1, 016.09.06
Life in the Confederation of Autonomous Miners 
is never easy.

Although confederate, we only mind about our own cargo, that is never enough. Employed by Governments , Multinationals, rogue Armies, independent kolonies, it makes no difference to the Autonomous Miners. All matter in space can be stocked and resold; rocky planets, asteroid belts, whole planetary systems. In some spaceports they even say someone was able to gather degenerate matter, but those are just rumors! What matters is that the cargo is paid the agreed price. You might became rich enough to buy whole planets, but a true Autonomous Miner lives in space, endlessly looking for the most precious and profitable load.

I don’t complain. I have a 4-tonnage Interstellar Ship all of my own, all shiny and with its cargo holds full of Mineral Koins, and a faithful and hard-working crew, each with his vices and weirdness, but you just don’t investigate about the past of your crew.

Recently the Friendship Program included Earth, the third planet in the Sol System, a star in the near outskirts of the Meringue galaxy, according to Kalvokian nomenclature. I’ve never been in that sector, even though my great-grandfather was from Earth.

Anyway, the opening of a new trading route is always a profitable business for the early birds. You could hoard the exclusive on animal and vegetal species, maybe even some new weird metal alloy. But most of all there is a new, virgin market to be flooded with technology, synthetic proteins, social systems and ready-to-go legislation. And who’s to say you couldn’t find a new, unknown wormhole... Ten Kalvokian standard years of right of passage and you’re settled for life... maybe even with a couple of integral regenerations.

Fourteen hours to destination, let’s just hope there won’t be the usual Kommodores with their noses in the air. Mining is not a problem, but having to fight for resources with bordkannons is never nice...
Admiral Drogo Diugenus
7014.42 -Mizar XII,
Lacuna of Oort 7

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